How can I resolve MS Excel issues?

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How can I resolve MS Excel issues?

Postby Michaelthomas » 13th Nov 17, 10:49

Problems like not MS Excel not responding or shows frequent error during the run time can be seen commonly. This problem can be seen commonly, but not as easy as you think to resolve because right guidance is needed and to get that; you should get in touch with the technical experts @ Microsoft Help Number UK. They will provide you the correct resolution in removing any such trouble from your way. More help visit here :-
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Re: How can I resolve MS Excel issues?

Postby rachellemarie » 19th Sep 18, 17:15

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Re: How can I resolve MS Excel issues?

Postby Evans » 21st Mar 19, 12:05

My all work is on MS excel but after installing MS excel 2011, i can't use it all function. I have tried to open my previous file which i have made in MS excel 2007, but i can't open it. I don't know why! My that file is very important for me, i am making an project and my all project details is on that file. If i can't open my file on time, i will lose my project. My all details about website is saved in that file, that is why i want to open that file. I am searching for the solution online and found your post. I think you are right, i have to contact MS excel customer care to solve my problem.
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