2 spare tickets for London going for face value

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2 spare tickets for London going for face value

Postby DanielBrandonuk » 29th Sep 09, 20:23

Hello people

Haven't been here for ages and forgot my login, d'oh. So here's my new one.

Anyway, due to a (very annoying) situation beyond my control I can't go to the gig this Thursday, anyone know anyone that wants a couple of tickets? Obviously for the same price I paid, £40.

I'm on 07939 979718 if anyone want to give me a shout or text, am in central London so can hand them over in person tomorrow or Thursday.


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Postby Ean » 29th Sep 09, 20:29

Not regarding your ticket, but check your PMs :wink:
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Postby danielbrandon » 30th Sep 09, 15:19

Anybody? Best offers accepted, would hate to see em go to waste!
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