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PostPosted: 15th Dec 09, 15:15
by shadow
cheers ean.....really lookin forward to this now...lotsa positives for me

PostPosted: 15th Dec 09, 20:22
by Nickinvincible
SteveP wrote:
I believe all of us who are staying in Wolverhampton Central Travelodge are planning to have the first drinks in there, then decamp somewhere en masse to meet others who are staying elsewhere or just in town for the gig

Cool. I'm at the Britannia - 25 quid a room! - so guess I'll see you in town or in the gig.

PostPosted: 16th Dec 09, 00:14
by Dark Lord of Barnet
Little Hell wrote:Perhaps Rich can confirm this (the running order, not the fact that you will be hitting the bar as early as possible, I would think that is a given!)?
Great minds think alike. :wink:

PostPosted: 16th Dec 09, 17:56
by frisbee deathcode
are the Wolvo crew meeting up in the Giffard ?

PostPosted: 16th Dec 09, 21:37
by Nickinvincible
I can do the Giffard

PostPosted: 20th Dec 09, 20:45
by the doc
What did everyone make of the Leeds gig then?

Rio's is an asolute shithole of a venue (no different to the days when it was still in Bradford, eh?) but the band were on top form. Proper good setlist too, and a suitably drunken and barmy crowd to go with it. Been a grand old year for gigs, this, and that was a fucking great way to cap it all off. Am now knackered, hoarse and half-deaf. Sweet. Made it through to the end of the set as well (went to Ginger's solo gig at Rio's in May and was so shitfaced that when I went out for a fag they wouldn't let me back in, also contirived to get thrown out of the Cockpit for crowdsurfing to Sick Of Drugs (although how the fuck you can get binned from a Wildhearts gig for that is beyond me)) so that was a proper result too.

Thought Anti-product were ace too, really entertaining. I fucking HATE the Beach Boys but 'Good Vibrations' never sounded so good. They're the best looking band I've seen in a good long while as well..............

PostPosted: 20th Dec 09, 21:52
by Col
I thought that Rios was a canny enuff venue.

PostPosted: 21st Dec 09, 11:45
by Andy Santiago
Rios is an ok venue, been to better and been to much worse.
Anti-Product were ace? Not on my watch soldier!
They were one of the worst bands I've ever seen in 20 odd years of going to gigs.
Highlight of the set was when silly bollocks fell on his arse in the first song.
"Bungee jumping people die"? Oh fucking really... :roll:

PostPosted: 21st Dec 09, 12:50
by the doc
You've gotta take them with a pinch of salt, I reckon, I'd be amazed if the band themselves are 100% serious about what they do. I thought they made a decent enough racket anyway. Let's put it like this - I ain't gonna be in a rush to go out and buy their back catalogue and I probably wouldn't shell out to see them at one of their own gigs, but as a warm up act they were excellent. Made me laugh my tits off, anyway.

PostPosted: 21st Dec 09, 13:00
by Col
Enjoyed antiproduct, looking forward to seeing them 2nite.

PostPosted: 21st Dec 09, 13:26
by Pudu
I enjoyed AP and having bought their latest album at the gig have had it on loop all morning! Tis good1

PostPosted: 21st Dec 09, 14:23
by sidecar
I thought AP were great! Very entertaining... The missus disagrees, just thought they were funny... Guess they're one of those bands... you either get them or you don't... Think they'd benefit from a bigger stage, Alex looked a little boxed in... but all in all I thought they were a great support band, not that there's exactly been a shortage of them this year...

PostPosted: 21st Dec 09, 19:58
by stuff
Anyone know what the stage times for London are?

PostPosted: 22nd Dec 09, 16:25
by gingerob
stuff wrote:Anyone know what the stage times for London are?

nope but I'm really looking forward to it.

PostPosted: 22nd Dec 09, 16:35
by SiKotic
Anyone able to buy me a Chutzpah Jnr at the show tonight? Will pay by PayPal or cheque!!! PM me or email me at if you can help!!

Si (getting desperate!)