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Postby Sir Euan » 22nd Oct 09, 14:12

No scottish dates, poor show!
Sir Euan
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Postby beerofthedark » 22nd Oct 09, 14:21

tix bought. :D
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Postby Ean » 12th Nov 09, 16:12

Pssst! ;)

• 19/12 Leeds, UK - Rio's
Ean Ü

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Postby blackdeathcrew » 12th Nov 09, 16:48

Any news on support for these shows yet? (keeping my fingers crossed for someone great!)
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Postby Col » 12th Nov 09, 16:56

Ean wrote:Pssst! ;)

• 19/12 Leeds, UK - Rio's

Oh you're having a fucking laff? Got tickets for wolves and a travelodge already. Leeds only 1 hour or so down the road.
I know, i know your gonna say go to both, but for fucks sake. And it's a saturday nite aaarrggghhhhhhh
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Postby paulron32 » 12th Nov 09, 19:07

Anyone (in the know) know if they will be adding any further dates, Manchester on the 18th Dec would be sweeeeeet. Or any gig in Manchester really to stop me from having to cross the border.
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Postby vickyp » 12th Nov 09, 19:12

Ean wrote:Pssst! ;)

• 19/12 Leeds, UK - Rio's

*does happy dance* yay! I can see them in Dec after all!
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Postby Dark Lord of Barnet » 12th Nov 09, 21:11

2009 is a good time to be a WiLDHEARTS fan isn't it! :D
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Dark Lord of Barnet
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Dark Lord of Barnet
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Postby barbie » 13th Nov 09, 03:36

the coal exchange in cardiff has reopened if they fancy a welsh date :D
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Postby sidecar » 13th Nov 09, 15:04

A Christmas Wildhearts gig! In Leeds! Get in! Christmas just isn't Christmas without a Wildhearts gig!!!
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Postby Owen » 13th Nov 09, 19:37

barbie wrote:the coal exchange in cardiff has reopened if they fancy a welsh date :D

I'll second that
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Postby Nik » 13th Nov 09, 21:13

Leeds, yehaww! Got my tickets from jumbo this aft.. :D .
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Postby Col » 14th Nov 09, 20:18

No need to ask what's happening in Leeds after gig on a saturday nite :D
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Postby the doc » 15th Nov 09, 12:57

I'll certainly be there to see them tear Rio's a new arsehole like they did with the Cockpit a couple on months back. Can't fucking wait. Saturday night as well, I guess we all know where that one's headed....... :twisted:
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Postby silverhearts666 » 16th Nov 09, 13:48

Just got my Leeds tix.
Me and a mate are driving down from Glasgow, going to see Blackburn vs Spurs then heading along to Rios to get headfucked by guitar riffage.
Then we'll drive home.
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