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"Earth Vs" Anniversary live recordings

PostPosted: 25th Nov 09, 12:53
by Humbug
I've done a little reading, and it looks like a DVD isn't going to come out anytime soon.

Did any unofficial live recordings surface from last years "Earth Vs" shows?

After literally a year of gentle persuasion, I now have a "Vs" live audio recording from my New York friend. It's pretty listenable.

Any interest in it? 8)

PostPosted: 25th Nov 09, 14:30
by rockcity1971
awesome...been looking for something from that tour.

PostPosted: 25th Nov 09, 19:25
by andylangbos
Yeah, thanks man that would be ace! Been holding out for the real deal for ages (didn't buy the bootleg that was available at the time, which was pulled from Ebay shortly after i'd seen it up and never seen again since, i thin the band/management weren't happy about it with the intention of the offcial release in the pipeline) but as you say, real shame that it appears to have gone by the least for the forseeable future..

Shame really as was such an awesome gig, a pro shot DVD coulda been a bit special... So yeah,any chance to hear some of those tunes live again would be sweet.

Was great hearing the band play some stuff that i hadn't heard live before, such a breath of fresh air. They're always great live and i'm all for hearing hearing some of the 'greatest hits', but theres something about when your watchin em and an unfamiliar intro comes out, its a rare occurace of recent years unfortunately, heres hoping for the Crimbo gigs (esp Wolvo!)!

PostPosted: 25th Nov 09, 19:35
by andylangbos
It appears there was a pro shot version in Japan Too...


PostPosted: 25th Nov 09, 20:05
by gar971y
after watching that live clip,,any wonder they didnt release it,,,sounds crap,,with a "fart like" bass line,,does them no justice

PostPosted: 25th Nov 09, 20:41
by Piedude
Thought the official word was the footage belonged to their previous management so it was unlikely to see the light of day for that reason...

PostPosted: 25th Nov 09, 21:10
by Ean
That YouTube clip was from the Tokyo show on Japanese TV, not the HD footage that was shot in London.

Plus YouTube=Ropey compressed sound.

Re: "Earth Vs" Anniversary live recordings

PostPosted: 25th Nov 09, 21:33
by Trash
Humbug wrote:Any interest in it? 8)

Dimeadozen please :) :) :)

PostPosted: 25th Nov 09, 23:00
by rockcity1971
please! upload it on dime!!! Thank you!!!

PostPosted: 26th Nov 09, 08:07
by Humbug
I received two shows from the NY taper:

the Vs show: 2 Nov 2008 Mercury Lounge, NYC, and a second show, 14 March 2009, Bowery Ballroom, NYC.

Both are two audio discs each. While I'm preparing them for Dime, does anybody want a B&P for audio copies?


PostPosted: 26th Nov 09, 23:35
by Burnsyboy
Yes please humbug. Can you pm your details again please?

PostPosted: 27th Nov 09, 10:03
by blackdeathcrew
I'd love to have this. Can you upload somewhere?????

PostPosted: 27th Nov 09, 10:59
by Humbug
blackdeathcrew wrote:I'd love to have this. Can you upload somewhere?????

Yes, both shows will be uploaded onto Dime at some point in next few days. I'll post the links.

If you're not on Dime, I can B&P them, or maybe you can trade with people that can download from that site.

PostPosted: 27th Nov 09, 11:13
by wildsam6o
dont suppose theres a bootleg of the new york show from brooklyn in october 2007 is there?

love a copy of that, was an ace show

PostPosted: 29th Nov 09, 17:05
by Humbug
I don't work particularly fast (this is just my hobby), but shows now nearly ready.

Not much overlap of songs, the band giving good value for money for those going to both shows:

11/02/2008 (2 November 2008)
Mercury Lounge, NYC, USA

Disc 1, time: 59:48

1. Intro
2. Greetings From Shitsville
3. TV Tan
4. Everlone
5. Shame On Me
6. Loveshit
7. Miles Away Baby
8. My Baby Is A Headfuck
9. Suckerpunch
10. News Of The World
11. Drinking About Life
12. Love You Till I Don't

Disc 2, time: 32:17

1. Ginger chats
2. Dangerlust
3. Girlfriend Clothes
4. Caffeine Bomb
5. Beautiful Thing You
6. 29 X The Pain
7. Don't Worry 'Bout Me (audience)

03/14/2009 (14 March 2009)
Bowery Ballroom, NYC, USA

Disc 1

1. Tuning
2. Stormy In The North-Karma In The South
3. Nita Nitro
4. Top Of The World
5. Suckerpunch
6. Understanding Jane
7. Carmelita
8. Rooting For The Bad Guy Lyrics
9. Everlone
10. The Jackson Whites
11. 29 X The Pain
12. Caffeine Bomb

Disc 2

1. Sick Of Drugs
2. Dangerlust
3. Weekend (5 Long Days)
4. Caprice
5. Don't Worry 'Bout Me (audience)
6. Beautiful Thing You
7. My Baby Is A Headfuck
8. I Wanna Go Where The People Go