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Postby Col » 10th Dec 09, 13:14

our tickets not arrived, is it early finish?
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Postby SteveP » 10th Dec 09, 14:35

no idea my man, will check my tickets when I get home this evening.

Three bands on the bill, so I'd imagine it'd be around 11 as normal for most gigs
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Postby vickyp » 10th Dec 09, 19:42

I vote Sandinista for drinks too, although I have to drive after so can't partake :cry:
Sadly, with this being a saturday night before xmas, anywhere we plan to go will be rammed full. So we should all agree on one place so it will be rammed full of our lot and not a bunch of drunk idiots. (well, not drunk idiots we don't know anyway) :wink:
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