Joensuu, Finland Dec 12

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Joensuu, Finland Dec 12

Postby Winchester » 13th Dec 09, 18:35

Nice and small venue in the (not so) nice and small city of Joensuu. The guys were clearly hung over from spending the whole week in Finland and this time there was hardly any drinking on stage at all, but they were in good spirits and there was a positive vibe during the whole show.


Vanilla Radio
Someone that won't let me go
Revolution will be televised
Understanding Jane
Sick of drugs
Libery cap
Girlfriend's clothes
You took the sunshine from NY
Mazel tov cocktail
Dreaming in A
White lies
Duck song
Low energy vortex
Run to you (Bryan Adams cover)
Jackson whites
The only one
My baby is a headfuck
Red light green light
I wanna go where the people go
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Postby rockcity1971 » 13th Dec 09, 18:51

great set!!!! hopefully someone recorded that show!!!!
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Postby Col » 13th Dec 09, 19:11

hahaha, duck song.....go on Ritch
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Postby Jyrki » 14th Dec 09, 01:37

Girlfriend Clothes. I'll kill myself now.
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Postby Robdj » 14th Dec 09, 12:21

Now that is an awesome set!
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Postby blackdeathcrew » 14th Dec 09, 12:28

Hope they do a set similar to that at Wolves, coz that's awesome
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Postby Kyukyuichi » 14th Dec 09, 18:06

When the band are also playing a short verse of Run To You in Japan,I was convinced that 29 x The Pain is the song which was inspired by his another big hit called "Summer Of 69" 8)

But,yes,my point was wrong!
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