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PostPosted: 20th Dec 09, 19:29
by macc lad
Thanks for that i'm off to wolves tomorrow and have to play santa for those not going.

PostPosted: 20th Dec 09, 19:35
by macc lad
Errr not everyone i want to add !

PostPosted: 20th Dec 09, 20:12
by Col
Mattie wrote:Between Col saying "I'll make sure you're not alone for long'

After last nite I think I'll be the one thats alone
I thought you were going to get us chucked out of Santiagos

That was at 7 o clock, you should have been in at midnight

PostPosted: 20th Dec 09, 20:19
by Ilsa
vickyp wrote:They also had mugs, posters, t-shirts, hoodies, keyrings, the works!

Buggering arse - I didn't see mugs and keyrings :( Fingers crossed they'll make it on line post-gigs like Ean said 'bout the hoody.

PostPosted: 20th Dec 09, 22:34
by vickyp
The mugs and keyrings were the same ones that are already in the webstore, other stuff was new christmas merch.

PostPosted: 20th Dec 09, 23:03
by Ilsa
Thanking you kindly Vicky

*scuttles off to webstore*

PostPosted: 21st Dec 09, 00:53
by johnnywashngo
Wow - Another cracking show from the boys in Leeds last night. Its great to see them on top of their game. Also great to hear a few really old songs that I haven't heard live before.

Missed most of The Loyalties fighting the bar staff for a non alcoholic drink. That place has the worst bar I have ever had the misfortune of using.

Antiproduct never did do anything for me in the past and did nothing for me once again. They give new meaning to the phrase 'trying too hard' in my opinion.

But the Wildhearts didn't disappoint. Plenty of great songs, some pretty good banter from Ginger and fantastic crowd reaction. I am not the biggest fan of Scott or the songs he sings on, but most people seemed to enjoy them.

I would love to hear more of CJ, in fact I would love to hear the Wildhearts cover one of his songs from The Jellys but I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

Not had chance to listen to the CD yet. Can't wait to hear the tracks that aren't on the Japanese Chutzpah.

Jellys cover

PostPosted: 21st Dec 09, 01:25
by richyboy1981
Im sure i remember the WH do a bit of My Little Squirt at JBs the way, has anyone got a setlist for the wolves show in 2007 (when they opened with Unbroken)?

PostPosted: 21st Dec 09, 01:42
by SteveP
vickyp wrote:And I did notice this little exchange:
SteveP : Woaharghengdjbgtuebkg!
Ginger : eh?
Ginger: alrighty then, didn't catch a word of that.

I thought I made myself perfectly clear...

23 pictures, on the grass etc etc....

Ilsa wrote:Oh yes. Obviously I have it commited to memory - but really you can't deprive the rest of the forum that touching and intimate moment!

Jealousy gets you nowhere :wink:

Col wrote:It would take a real pervert to post a pic of himself "getting intimate" with another guy on a forum.

Better do it then eh?

Dorty porvort!!!!

was trying to keep a dignified silence about these shameful events, but fuck it, what the hell

PostPosted: 24th Dec 09, 15:26
by evileyebri

PostPosted: 24th Dec 09, 15:33
by Col
Great pics. Forgot about the balloons during AP.