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any more vids from latest tour out there??

PostPosted: 26th Dec 09, 00:42
by shadow
seen as i bought ticket but missed gig at leeds(snow and lack of forward planning) ive been lookin out for youtube far only found Wildhearts sick of drugs/suckerpunc wolvo....distorted but sounding SO TIGHT and steamin,ginger so knows how to work an audience.....and Antiproduct good vibrations islington....lotta fun, INTERESTING ladies and powerhouse denzil......anybody know of any more from this tour out there...oh and hope youre all havin a good Christmas!!!!

PostPosted: 26th Dec 09, 02:05
by Col

PostPosted: 26th Dec 09, 11:40
by shadow
wow....thanks very much col....looks pretty full at leeds....gutted i missed it ....crowds obviously right up for it.....nice one mate

PostPosted: 29th Dec 09, 12:43
by Tazbert
I took a clip of 'Girlfriend Clothes' at the London show. Will get it onto Yootoob at some point this week.....