Irish gig

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Irish gig

Postby Gladney » 11th Jan 10, 22:34

Probably wasting my time in saying this, cause ive only ever met like 2 other people who like the wildhearts in ireland, but is there any more fans here from ireland ?????

And what are the chances of them makin the trip over here to play somewhere like dublin, as the last time they played here it was in belfast (the opposite end of the country to me) and it was on the self titled album tour! it would be great if it happened!
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Re: Irish gig

Postby Assmask » 11th Jan 10, 22:55

There are a fair old few of us in Belfast.

I would happily get the bus/train to Belfast and back to see them play in the shamrock city

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Re: Irish gig

Postby Gladney » 14th Jan 10, 03:57

oh id go see them in belfast hands down no doubt about it, sure im making the trip for metallica in may so id more than definitely make the trip up for ginger and co!

just funny how they havent played dublin in since ..mustbe destroyed and they played belfast for the self titled album but not this time around and ive a friend who went up for that gig and said it was fantastic, the spring and airbrake if memory serves me right!! just wonder why they would bypass it even if there was a good attendance and atmosphere travel costs cant be after getting that bad can they?
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Re: Irish gig

Postby jgmeadowlands » 16th Feb 10, 02:52

I was at the London show last october and had a vip ticket so i got to meet the band,and i was chatting to Ginger and Ritch and asked them if they had any plans to come to Ireland (as im from Limerick) and both Ginger and Ritch said that they were planning a tour for early 2010 and that they were planning on coming to Belfast and Dublin.
So needless to say i was quite pleased with that.

So i was bummed to see this last week ... mID=134552

Ginger has put the band on hold for 2010 as he has joined ex Hanoi Rocks frontman Michael Monroe's new band.

So Belfast and Dublin will just have to wait :(

But if you wanna see my vids of all the songs from the Shepherds Bush gig last october where they played the entire Chutzpah album you can see them here
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Re: Irish gig

Postby roamingmark » 23rd Feb 10, 14:57

Well thats effing fantastic.
Been following this bunch since the early days (From England, now in Dublin) and have been trying to educate a few of the lads in Ireland that The Wildhearts are one of the most underatted bands the UK as ever produced.

Bastards come over to Ireland!
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