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Recording streaming video?

PostPosted: 16th Dec 12, 21:06
by shat noir
Been a while since I visited here, so firstly.. Hi everyone :-D

I've just heard the great news that tomorrow nights gig will be streamed live for all us pledging folks who are unable to make it. Before getting the email about the stream, I had been consoling myself by going on a ebay binge, filling the holes in my WH collection and buying CDs of all the stuff I already have on vinyl.. accompanied of course with multiple listens of the amazing Hey! Hello! album. Now that I do have something to look forward to tomorrow night I'm in a much better mood

I was hoping to be able to record the stream for repeat viewings and also for my mate Guth who can't come round to watch it live cos he's working night shift. And yeah, I know there's a official live bootleg planned but as well as being impatient, I am also aware from previous experience that these plans don't always come to fruition. So getting to the point, do any of you have any recommendations for software that records live streaming? Or even better, is there anyone more experienced in technical matters planning on recording it for posterity? A while back some wonderful person saved me this headache by being kind enough to send me a recording of Ginger & Billy Morrison gig @ The Viper Room. The only time I've manged to successfully record a live stream myself was the FnM @ Download a few years back but unfortunately my feeble mind has forgotten what software I used that time.

Cheers :cheers:

Re: Recording streaming video?

PostPosted: 17th Dec 12, 14:17
by James S
If anyone does, let me know. Christmas party tonight :( wonder if it will work on my phone :D

Re: Recording streaming video?

PostPosted: 17th Dec 12, 17:58
by shat noir
70 views and only one reply? When did this place turn into a board of lurkers? :lol:

Guess I'll just havta take a chance on some software from this list
I'll report back if I'm successful.

Re: Recording streaming video?

PostPosted: 18th Dec 12, 04:54
by Zoloft
I would have replied if I had a good answer for you! I downloaded some random software myself, but alas, seems it was a moot point. Damn my parents for birthing me on the wrong side of the Atlantic!

Re: Recording streaming video?

PostPosted: 18th Dec 12, 13:03
by shat noir
No bother man. Yeah, as you say it was a moot point in the end. Was glad when Gav announced that it wasn't happening cos by then I had spent 3 or 4 hours sat in front of the computer hitting refresh on the pledge page to no avail. Ah well, we'll just havta wait and see if the official bootleg DVD happens this time round and hopefully it's sooner rather than later.

Re: Recording streaming video?

PostPosted: 19th Dec 12, 13:32
by Assmask
There's something quite tragic about reading the first post on this thread after the event.

Re: Recording streaming video?

PostPosted: 19th Dec 12, 23:49
by vickyp
Aw, they honestly did work their asses off trying to get the stream to happen but it wasn't to be. Numerous technical problems in the venue, despite everyone's best efforts. The good news is the gig was filmed and there is a shedload of footage from the on-stage and off stage cameras which will probably take poor Ash a heck of a lot of editing. It's great that it was captured for posterity, was a very special evening.

Re: Recording streaming video?

PostPosted: 3rd Nov 17, 02:22
by kaushalmalkan11
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