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A question for Ginger...

PostPosted: 5th May 15, 20:45
by calleymacleod

George the macaw wants to know when you're going to do shirts in Parrot sizes please? Specifically, "Large Macaw" sized...

Anyway, on a more serious note! Just spotted that you're doing a 20th Anniversary of the P.H.U.Q tour! Yussss! :D It would be awesome if we can get Kiddo there too. She's 13 so fingers crossed the age limit allows her to attend her first Wildhearts gig? you can see, she's a fan already! this shirt seems to be in my wash basket endlessly, and when it's not in the wash it's usually straight back on her... sometimes she doesn't even allow it time to dry fully!

Really hoping to snag tickets when they go on sale on Friday! It will make me the coolest mum evar (in her opinion) if for her birthday next week, i can give her tickets to take her dad (and money willing, me too!) along to the gig.

Something tells me that poor George won't be allowed to attend though... he's only 5... and he's a bird... (still rocks out to The Wildhearts though...)

Re: A question for Ginger...

PostPosted: 9th May 15, 23:57
by Monica_ICE
That's a cool bird.