Full Show Manchester Academy 18/09/15

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Full Show Manchester Academy 18/09/15

Postby Siddas » 20th Sep 15, 08:27

Hi All. I recorded the gig on Friday but made a massive cock up and plugged the mic into the wrong port on my minidisc. So it recorded very quietly. I also got bumped into a few times and the mic fell - you will hear the thud a couple of times Anyway I have messed about with the sound and managed to get what I think is a fairly good sounding recording, considering how crap the source file was - and believe me it was really very crap. Here it is - have a listen and see what you think.

Highlights of the show are the end of Nita Nitro when Ginger stops the gig to break up a fight and the excellent Urge. Fair play to the sound guys as the gig was mixed perfectly and was a pleasure to listen to.

I know a few people prefer wav files so pm me and I will see if there is somewhere I can up them.

Here are the sendspace page links.

Set 1 - https://www.sendspace.com/file/889qqw

Set 2 - https://www.sendspace.com/file/of3gf3

*Edit* - been told the direct links I posted don't work so go with the ones above.

Please could some kind soul add these to the facebook page? I am not on facebook myself and have no intention of joining just to add a couple of links :D

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Re: Full Show Manchester Academy 18/09/15

Postby goody2fruits » 19th Oct 15, 08:40

Hi Sid! :D
Last night I downloaded your files. The show is awesome and the quality sound is excellent onto my ipod classic. I listen it by in ear headphone and it plays so brilliant.
You always are professional, precise and meticulous.
This recording is able to transmit the right feeling, even to those who weren't at the show and no matter if the mic has fallen. I assure you it is so. ;)
Sid your mic & minidisc are fantastic!
The best moments of the gig?
..... All! But a mention for all PHUQ songs (Nita Nitro is my fave live song ), and then Geordie in Wonderland, Beautiful Thing You and Urge!
I kept the maximum volume and at the end my ears were ringing.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH SID!!! You gave me great emotions!

Fantastic idea to dedicate an entire tour to an album, I'm already waiting for the Endless Nameless Tour! ... and Fishing for Luckies Tour!
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Re: Full Show Manchester Academy 18/09/15

Postby goody2fruits » 21st Oct 15, 10:42

While performing Nita Nitro, Ginger stops the show because there was a scuffle in the crowd. Ginger began to upbraid the guys of the dispute and people laugh... what happened? Was anybody of the forum presen at the Manchester's gig?

I saw several scuffles during the concert, but I've never seen any artist interrupted for return to the order.
I remember once, many years ago in Milan at the Bruce Springsteen gig, a boy went up on stage for to greet and touch his favourite artist. The personnel at the service of order (3 big men) blocked him and took him away beating hardly. Bruce Springsteen did nothing to stop them, that guy got the tumefied and bloody face. Since that time I admired mr. Springsteen much less. That guy basically did nothing wrong for to get this treatment and he could to stop the beating.

I really appreciate the Ginger sensitivity.
A few years ago (2003-2004) in a Japanese tour, a girl was wounded by a crowd-surfer. Ginger already told them to stop that idiot pratice because dangerous, he stopped the show and hit the crowd surfer by his guitar that was carried out.

Basically everyone is free to fun as he likes but without doing harm to others with dangerous pratices.
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Re: Full Show Manchester Academy 18/09/15

Postby ramu » 14th Mar 18, 10:27

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