sweden gig with silverginger#5

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sweden gig with silverginger#5

Postby Bones » 21st Feb 06, 15:37

just wanted to say that I was there 20040217 when silverginger and the wildhearts shared stage in stockholm... anyone else? 8)
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sweden gig with silverginger#5

Postby NiX » 23rd Feb 06, 20:19

Yeah i was there and it was one of those special nights in my life, two of my favourite bands on one stage on one evening. Fantastic to see that SG5 could pull of such a show after just have met the night before and not played togheter for a couple of years!!!

I wish that Sonic Circus would team up with Hanoi and play some dates in Scandinavia!

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Postby dingwall » 23rd Feb 06, 20:26

I'd have loved to have been there. It's great to hear Inglorious live (albeit done by SG5). Sadly I have to make do with the recording of it, available from http://www.wildheartsbootlegs.co.uk.

Can you spot the subtle plug I got in there? I admit you have to look very closely, but it is there :wink:
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Postby trace-da-space » 24th Feb 06, 07:25

erk! already mentioned this on another thread...i was the divvy at the front fer SG5 in the nurse maximum uniform (with the very cold arse)....an' possibly quite drunk...it wuz broman's fault...he bought me beer an' it'd be RUDE not to drink it...ahem... :oops:

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