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Wrexham last night.

PostPosted: 14th Oct 12, 04:46
by idiottoast
Not long got in from Gingers gig in Wrexham,and it was FUCKING AMAZING.Honestly,i`ve been following Ginger for 20 years,and i can say that last nights show was quite possibly the best i`ve ever seen in all that time.The band are simply outstanding,the 6 of them just play so well together.I was completely blown away,it really was that good.Ginger was on fine form,even tho he`s feeling under the weather with some bug or other.Here`s the set list,as best i can remember anyway,

Sonic shake
Innercity overture
Girls are better than boys
Forget about it
S.I.N in sin
Very,very slow
The hard way
Anyway but maybe
Taste aversion
Cant do right for doing wrong
Just another song about someone
Channel bop
I wanna go where the people go

I`m sure i`ve missed one,just after suckerpunch,cant remember tho.Who ever is going to Leeds tonight,is in for a real treat.

Re: Wrexham last night.

PostPosted: 14th Oct 12, 11:46
by vickyp
Excellent, really looking forward to tonight.
I hope Ginger's managed to sweat out the germs at Wrexham.