2nd Loyalties album?

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Re: 2nd Loyalties album?

Postby richjones » 15th Oct 10, 15:45

Looks like album #2 is a go. Most likely a spring release, depending on our schedule with Ginger :D
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Re: 2nd Loyalties album?

Postby cjrodwell » 15th Oct 10, 16:32

That's excellent news :bounce:
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Re: 2nd Loyalties album?

Postby Rupert » 16th Oct 10, 12:20

That's great to hear.

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Re: 2nd Loyalties album?

Postby Dark Lord of Barnet » 16th Oct 10, 19:35

Excellent! :mrgreen:

The Loyalties have songs about Soho and the 12 Bar Club on the first album - how about covering The Gaff and Holloway Road on the second album? ;)
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Re: 2nd Loyalties album?

Postby lob » 19th Oct 10, 17:05

Yes! Such good news, looking forward to seeing you on the Ginger tour (should we start calling him hoppalong?) and again as The Loyalties
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