Manics Japanese reissues

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Manics Japanese reissues

Postby Stuart Brackpool » 15th Sep 10, 12:09

This has come up before* but I'm wondering if anyone has any more information about them. I'm thinking specifically about the 2CD paper/card sleeve reissues that feature a seemingly comprehensive set of bonus tracks. These reissues now go from Generation Terrorists through to Send Away The Tigers, each with a bonus disc. The tracklisting on each is wonderful but to import them will be quite expensive. Does anybody know if there are plans to release them in this country? It'd be nice to finally hear Patrick Bateman after it was raved about in the thread below.

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Re: Manics Japanese reissues

Postby benwalton » 15th Sep 10, 23:42

i heard that these were Japan only, which is a shame, seeing as the Holy Bible and EMG re-issues were such high quality
and just last week as i was clearing shit from off my shelf...
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