An introduction to The Scaramanga Six

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An introduction to The Scaramanga Six

Postby vickyp » 25th Oct 10, 20:24

The Scaramanga Six have put together a collection of tracks for download to serve as an introduction to the uninitiated, which you can download in a variety of formats for FREE, nowt, zilch, diddly-squat, or a contribution of your choosing. You can also listen online for free here:

The tracks span all their albums to date, with the new one 'Cursed' due in the new year. 'Cursed' is the album they started recording with Tim Smith before he fell ill, and it was nearly lost forever, hence the title.

If you haven't heard them yet then frankly, I'm disappointed in you. But you can redeem yourself. Get some of this in your ears.

If you have heard of them, this is a good opportunity to expand your collection for free. And then you'll want to buy all the other albums like I have.

Go on then, what are you waiting for?
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Re: An introduction to The Scaramanga Six

Postby lob » 25th Oct 10, 21:37

This band is the business, if you don't know them download this and then once you are in love -get the back catalogue. The Six produce music that really rocks with brains as well as balls, weird but wonderful AND as a bonus they are lovely people too.

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