Is it social distortion??

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Re: Is it social distortion??

Postby WorldClassFad » 23rd Nov 10, 13:44

No, it does sound similar to Social Distortion but the band is Face To Face and the song's called 'Disconnected'.
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Re: Is it social distortion??

Postby Mattie » 28th Nov 10, 12:50

Rather a random post that one.

Listened to it on Spotify... and it also sounds very (very) much like 'Brittle Bones' by The Loved Oness. It pre-dates TLO by 6 years though.
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Re: Is it social distortion??

Postby Ean » 28th Nov 10, 14:57

Hmmm, there was a proper OP to this thread. I'd imagine it was one of the casualties of the recent problems. :?
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