Stuck for a Christmas present idea? Buy 'em a CD!

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Stuck for a Christmas present idea? Buy 'em a CD!

Postby vickyp » 12th Dec 10, 21:57

Here's an idea: If you're stuck for what to get your mate/step dad/mate's girlfriend/uncle for Christmas, get 'em a CD of something good. They may be thinking there's no good new music about, might be bored with the current chart rubbish. They might be flicking through the music channels on the telly, wondering why all the videos are fancy but the songs are shit. They might be expecting just another pair of socks/gloves/box of chocs for Christmas and just think - you could help change all that!

Give 'em a CD of something you've enjoyed this year. There have been many fine albums released, just check out the Albums of the Year thread for ideas.

This way you are spreading your own good taste, you could have another mate to go to that next tour with, and you'd be supporting bands that perhaps don't get mainstream coverage because they're not on a major label but deserve it none the less. Even if you're auntie Mabel doesn't like the album you get her, at least the money's gone somewhere good and will encourage bands to make more music. Hell, she's only going to get you a comedy tie anyway.

So how about the following - introduce friends and family to the joys of:
Ginger's 10 album - the perfect introduction to Ginger's solo work (Cargo link)
Eureka Machines - Do or Die (store link)
The Scaramanga Six - Songs of Prey (store link)
Jackdaw4 - The eternal struggle for justice (links here)
Black Spiders - Sons of the North (actually you can't get this any more until next year, sorry)
The Wildhearts re-issues (store link) I'm sure there's many a fan who would like a re-issue album but hasn't bought themselves one yet because December is such an expensive time of year.
...etc, etc, I'm sure you can think of more.

I've just realised I've bought 4 albums for folk for Christmas this year, either because they wanted them, I know they'll like them or because I wanted to shape their musical tastes to my own diabolical plan... :twisted:
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