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Dead Identities

Postby Speedy1974 » 19th Apr 11, 08:24

After a post on Facebook by Chris Catalyst over the weekend yesterday I downloaded myself a copy
of Bad Cats And Heart Attacks by Dead Identities

I can highly recommend it. Really good punk album
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Re: Dead Identities

Postby Mattie » 19th Apr 11, 11:02

Fully agreed, I've mentioned them briefly before and had the album on a best of year list.

Unfortunately I've never noticed them playing shows within reach, like their support show with EM being london-based.
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Re: Dead Identities

Postby NeilBlister » 19th Apr 11, 13:20

When i played in Junkster we done a gig with them at the Jailhouse in Coventry a few years ago. They were a nice bunch of lads and a great band, will defo check them out of they come up to the North East.
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