BabelFish return - check this out (shameless plug)

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BabelFish return - check this out (shameless plug)

Postby Babelrich » 22nd Jun 11, 10:07

Hey guys,

Haven't posted for ages here since I got banned from using the internet at work but I had to sneak on to shamelessly pimp the return of my band.

After what seems like an age trying to get our latest release er... released it's finally emerged blinking into the sunlight and I'd like to invite you all to check it out as I think it will be right up your street.

Please go to and check out Adverse Camber it's got 4 awsomely rocking tunes on it for your aural (sorry only aural) pleasure. If you like it, buy it. If you like it but not enough to buy it, rip it and tell your friends. If you don't like it, fair enough.

Then maybe go to our Facebook page and click the like button.

Anyway enough grovelling from me. I'm not comfotable doing this but needs must I'm afraid.

Peace and stuff

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check us out.
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