Apes Pigs And Spacemen

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Apes Pigs And Spacemen

Postby jamesellaby » 29th Jun 11, 09:35

here's a blog post I've done about a band I loved in the Golden Age (Ie, when I used to actually buy Kerrang and feel like it represented me!) http://www.lullabiesfromagiantgoldenrad ... s-and.html
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Re: Apes Pigs And Spacemen

Postby piesJoy » 2nd Jul 11, 17:53

I recal Kerrang did a free tape with 'do i need this' on it (i think!) around that time, and the song also got exposure on Noisey Mothers. I snapped the album up the other day at my local car boot sale, for £1.99. :)
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Re: Apes Pigs And Spacemen

Postby Stuart Brackpool » 3rd Jul 11, 12:40

This thread reminded me that I never got their third album, Free Pawn. A quick visit to Miro's website and, £7.99 and two days later, a signed copy dropped through my door. Even got a nice note from him. I must check out is solo stuff next.

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Re: Apes Pigs And Spacemen

Postby Ross » 4th Jul 11, 15:46

I loved those Kerrang tapes and CDs. Lodestar, Crazy Gods of Endless Noise, AP&S, Skyscraper, Feeder, The Dawn, lovely stuff...

I was also talking about AP&S the other day, and he remembers Paul Miro handing out flyers round his home town of Kettering. He told Miro "your band's shit, fuck off". Because you was far to ***hardcore straight edge 4life***

And I'm following your blog now. For the simple reason that you made a post listing the top 10 stories from Transformers comics, and it made me feel ten years old again!.
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Apes Pigs And Spacemen

Postby Sarc » 4th Jul 11, 21:18

Speaking if the Crazy Gods of Endless Noise does anyone have their album they dont want anymore or mp3s of Heavy Planet. I used to have a copy but during one of my many moves its done a disappearing act.
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Re: Apes Pigs And Spacemen

Postby getting_it_sucks » 5th Jul 11, 20:48

Absolutely love AP&S, I go and see Paul Miro quite often as he plays in Derby a lot. Went to see him play in London a few weeks ago too, was well worth the trip. I'd reccomend his solo stuff, it's very different to Apes, but the great songs are still there. I'd love to see him have a support slot on the next Ginger tour too, since Apes supported The Wildhearts back in the day it'd be nice to have them on the same bill again. Very much looking forward to the next Apes album that should be coming out next year too.
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