London Calling - olympics theme song

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London Calling - olympics theme song

Postby markE » 4th Aug 11, 12:58

Apparently London Calling by the Clash is being used to promote the 2012 olympics.
have they heard the song?
listened to the lyrics?

descriptions of the apocalypse don't go well with Volleyball and gymnastics do they?

very weird.
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Re: London Calling - olympics theme song

Postby Radish » 5th Aug 11, 09:23

That's just for the opening credits. All olympics programmes will end with either Greetings From Shitsville or Down on London. ;P
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Re: London Calling - olympics theme song

Postby lob » 5th Aug 11, 18:19

I would have thought London Burning's lyrics were better "Lahndan's burning with boredom now" well it will be for me, just don't get sport....sorry
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Re: London Calling - olympics theme song

Postby WildCat » 7th Aug 11, 19:22

How spookily prophetic considering events in Tottenham last night...
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