Exit_International "Black Junk"

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Exit_International "Black Junk"

Postby Zoloft » 18th Apr 12, 04:31

Just got this disc in the mail today, nothing in the notes indicate that Ginger performed anything on the disc, yet on his formspring, he said he did. What did the G-Man do on this album?
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Re: Exit_International "Black Junk"

Postby blackdeathcrew » 18th Apr 12, 09:29

He didn't perform on the album, but has recorded on the re-worked version of Glory Horn , which will be included on the 'B-side' of The Chainsaw Song single (out in May)
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Re: Exit_International "Black Junk"

Postby Stuart Brackpool » 18th Apr 12, 09:59

I'm looking forward to getting that EP.

There's a bonus track on the Japanese version of Black Junk. It's called Hex Lover, is it available anywhere else?
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