Exit_International Pledge Campaign

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Exit_International Pledge Campaign

Postby blackdeathcrew » 2nd Apr 13, 08:41


Exit_International launched their pledge campaign last week, and it has had a storming start, reaching target in the first 2 hours. If you have yet to do so, check out the video for 'Chainsaw Song' below, and then head over to the pledge site and get behind them

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Re: Exit_International Pledge Campaign

Postby darkblue » 2nd Apr 13, 14:42

Pledged last night for this one.

Should be good!
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Re: Exit_International Pledge Campaign

Postby Benny Hiroshima » 26th Apr 13, 17:22

This is looking tastier than a gourmet meal cooked by Tasty Dave on top of TastyTop Mountain*

Good video Pledge that looks very Cardiacs. Can't wait to abuse my ear drums with some more E_I material.

*Okay Georgraphy** pedants, I know there is no such place as TastyTop Mountain.... yes, I know: it's more of a hill.

** Spelling pedants will note I have misspelt Geography. Well done. Help yourself to another biscuit.
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Re: Exit_International Pledge Campaign

Postby lukenlow » 21st Mar 18, 15:27

I read this story with great pleasure, thank you, I would like to know more such details
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