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Pure Rawk Awards 2015

PostPosted: 3rd Dec 14, 21:26
by vickyp
Hi all!
Welcome back to the cloakroom 'other bands' bit. I know it smells a bit musty in here right now but that will clear once we open some windows, it's not been used for a while.

On to new things:
The Pure Rawk Awards are open for nominations again, this is the stage where you can recommend ANYONE at all* to be nominated for the awards, these votes shape who makes the shortlist, so it really is up to us to make sure there's a load of awesome stuff in there. The past few years have all been great, and the party is always one to remember so get involved and nominate your favourite stuff to be represented in the awards.

Linky Linky:

Thinking back to some ace gigs I've seen recently, there's been a wealth of stuff this year to choose from: Ginger, Eureka Machines, The Scaramanga Six, Tropical Contact, The Idol Dead, Blacklist Saints, CJ and Tony Wright's new albums, Dowling Poole, Baby Chaos, tons of others. Who are you going to vote for? Any great new bands we should be watching out for in 2015?

*within reason and the rules, i.e. they have to be appropriate. There really is no point voting for Queen

Re: Pure Rawk Awards 2015

PostPosted: 4th Dec 14, 00:03
by kriscoverdale
I never know who is appropriate. Is it British bands only e.g. do Evil Arrows count? Is Ginger too famous despite being totally underground and DIY? And so on...

Re: Pure Rawk Awards 2015

PostPosted: 4th Dec 14, 16:46
by nixpurerawk
Hello peoplefolk. Ta for posting this up Vicky.

Kris - it's pretty much a free for all. Folks define it. As much as I / we run it, we're at the mercy of what people deem as 'independent' 'underground' etc - as Vicky pointed out, avoiding picks for someone like Queen or the Foo Fighters is a no brainer. When we set out to do the PRAs, we never thought it would get as big as it has - and it's people power that's done it.

Any other questions, I'm happy to answer. Much love and smileybones x

Re: Pure Rawk Awards 2015

PostPosted: 4th Dec 14, 20:11
by kriscoverdale
I think I'm most unsure about the UK vs international aspect. I'm assuming it's UK specific, or bands that have relocated / gig here heavily

Re: Pure Rawk Awards 2015

PostPosted: 14th Nov 17, 13:39
by antoniokim
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