Wildhearts CDs and Mondo postcard up for grabs

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Wildhearts CDs and Mondo postcard up for grabs

Postby MattR » 11th Apr 10, 12:06

Hello gang
Due to financial trauma I need to do some selling (familiar story!)

Before I Ebay this lot - if anyone wants to make me an offer for anything please PM me

Mondo Akimbo pre-release promo postcard sent out to fanclub mailing list
Fishing For Luckies Fan club first release
Fishing For Luckies with the wobbly fish on the front
Phuq with the velvet sleeve
Supershit 666
Tokyo Suits Me Jap 2 CD edition with the poster etc
Don't Be Happy Just Worry
Sick Of Drugs with grass growing mat
Lovebank/Geordie wallet sleeve with Wildhearts banknote
Just In Lust
Caffeine Bomb
I Wanna Go passport pack
So Into You set of 2
Anthem Set of 2
Urge Set of 2
Top Of The World Set of 3
Stormy In The North Set of 2
Stormy In The North DVD
Vanilla Radio Set of 2
Red Light Green Light
Coupled With
Must Be Destroyed
Landmines and Pantomimes

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