Any interest in any of this stuff?

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Any interest in any of this stuff?

Postby nadgers » 6th Sep 10, 23:01

Had a major clearout and found some stuff I forgot I owned. Not convinced I'm gonna actually sell the stuff yet, just wondering if there's actually any interest. :eh:

1) "Something Wierd" Wildhearts fanzine Issue 1 (Summer 95) by Darren Stockford

2) 2x Wildhearts Mushroom Records newsletters (4th August 97 (with Anthem sticker) and 6th October 97)

Will give more info if ya want it. All in mint-ish condition. :D

Oh, and if anyone wants 'em for free, will be happy to email ya a scan!
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Re: Any interest in any of this stuff?

Postby piesJoy » 7th Sep 10, 17:01

I have the first three issues of 'Ginger Nuts'. That was magic. Not sure they did any more (?).
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