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£20 Vinyls and £10 Vinyls

PostPosted: 20th Dec 12, 15:23
by TVTanned
All mint condition £20 each

Mondo white
Mondo black

Dont be happy double
Fishing for Luckies double
Suckerpunch etched
Suckerpunch 7" Brixton giveaway

£10 each

Strike back
The Wildhearts white
Riff after Riff red
Endless Nameless signed
The Yo-Yos

I have more but too many to list atm I was offered less by Esprit but i am looking to raise some much needed funds.

Re: £20 Vinyls and £10 Vinyls

PostPosted: 9th Jan 13, 23:32
by darkblue
Still waiting for the 7" I've paid for.....

Re: £20 Vinyls and £10 Vinyls

PostPosted: 13th Jan 13, 13:24
by mike1913
Similarly I'm waiting for five items...

Re: £20 Vinyls and £10 Vinyls

PostPosted: 16th Jan 13, 11:33
by TVTanned
I have PM'd you with tracking numbers this morning and an explanation as to why they havent arrived as yet. They are safely on their way now.

Re: £20 Vinyls and £10 Vinyls

PostPosted: 16th Jan 13, 13:54
by darkblue
No PM or explanaition received as of yet.

You also have my telephone number, feel free to text me the information as well if that's easier.

Why would you tell me previously that the item had been shipped, if it hadn't?

Re: £20 Vinyls and £10 Vinyls

PostPosted: 18th Jan 13, 21:22
by darkblue
7" arrived today in great condition. Thanks!

Sometimes real life takes over so I appreciate that things beyond the sellers control happened to slow things down.

At least it was all sorted out in the long run.