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Very sad news regarding our friend Zachary_Storm

PostPosted: 20th May 08, 14:22
by Jimmy79
Yesterday one of my closest friends and a friend to many of you on here Zachary storm
was killed in a motorcycle accident, he was the nicest lad anyone could ever meet
he would do anything and everything for anyone that needed him, he was a phenominal guitarist and drummer and his passion in his life was music in particulary Ginger/the Wildhearts, he was under a month away from his 18th birthday and I was taking him to the Earth vs gig for his present

I dont know what I'll do without him
he was like a brother to me

where ever you are Zac I love you very much
and I always will


PostPosted: 20th May 08, 15:11
by Ady
I'm deeply sorry to hear of his family's/your/our loss.

I do recognise the message board id, as he was a regular here wasn't he.

Although i didn't know the guy personally, my thoughts go out to his family and friends. I'm sure he will be greatly missed.

PostPosted: 20th May 08, 15:30
by Andy
My deepest sympathy to his family and friends.

PostPosted: 20th May 08, 16:11
by spoon_of_grimbo
this sucks :( he seemed like a friendly chap, and was one of the small group of users i could actually put a face to when i saw the username. a friend of mine about the same age died in a similar accident last year, and i know how much of a shock and deeply upsetting it can be. my deepest sympathies to family/friends/all who knew him. R.I.P. Zachary.

PostPosted: 20th May 08, 16:48
by Chris Davies
Very very sad news. My condolances to you Jimmy79 and to all his family.

I always respect the younger (like myself) Wildhearts/Ginger fans , sometimes even more than the oldies that have been there from the start, I mean in this day and age when you look in kerrang magazine and tv etc you rarely get to see/hear something like the Wildhearts and for a young lad like Zachary to have been a fan of them I think is fantastic. To not reach the age of 18 though is a travisty. Very unfair.


PostPosted: 20th May 08, 17:24
by wildsam6o
my deepest sypathy to you and his family

PostPosted: 20th May 08, 19:15
by Sarc
Ive been trying to stay away from the board while I'm away but Ean messaged me telling me the tragic news and there was no way in hell i was gonna stay away for this, Im useless at saying the right thing when its a trivial matter at the best of times but to say the wrong thing at a time like this would be dire so all I can really say is, I'm gonna miss the little guy and I'm genuinly choked up on this one.

PostPosted: 20th May 08, 20:10
by vickyp
Really sorry to hear that Jimmy. My thoughts go out to you and his family.

PostPosted: 20th May 08, 20:11
by Col
Absolutely dreadful news, don't know what to say, wouldn't know where to start.
RIP mate.

PostPosted: 20th May 08, 20:12
by Keith Richard
Man that's a tragedy. Being a biker myself, I know what it's like to loose friends and colleagues in two wheeled accidents. My deepest sympathies to you, his family and friends.

Rock on Zach!!

PostPosted: 20th May 08, 21:01
by sparky
My thoughts are with his family and friends tonight. It's an awful tragedy to happen to someone so young.

PostPosted: 20th May 08, 21:26
by DangerousBeans
Terrible news

Rest in Peace Zac

PostPosted: 20th May 08, 21:55
by earthvs
This is awful news.

Through the few short interjections I had with him on this board he seemed to me to be a really great kid - one who loved his music and could give and take a joke, and he always seemed to be in a happy mood too.

My deepest sympathies to all of his family and friends.

Awful, awful news.

PostPosted: 20th May 08, 22:18
by BGennard
My heart goes out to all those whom knew zach, he seemed a wonderful young man and he will be missed by many, and thats probably all i can say,

Rock on zach, we will remember......

PostPosted: 20th May 08, 22:24
by Dark Lord of Barnet
Very sorry to hear this.