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PostPosted: 12th Dec 06, 23:17
by neilramone
So sad to know we won't see or hear Trace again at Ginger/Wildies gigs
Once you had met this lady,you truly would never forget her!
Such a brave member of the Wildhearts family.

My thoughts go out to Trace's family.
Peace and Love.

R.I.P. Trace.

PostPosted: 5th Nov 07, 22:23
by Damian
Her Myspace page will expire on 26 November (my birthday, as it happens) - I got an e-mail yesterday saying that an old site of mine would expire a year after I last logged into it, so that'll be the same for all.

Only mentioning as someone here might want to grab it on that day rather than let it go back out for general offering...

PostPosted: 3rd Dec 07, 16:22
by Zo
Miss you, bird.


PostPosted: 17th Mar 08, 02:52
by Cwej
inspiration survives forever

i was so grateful to have met her before and now even more so

PostPosted: 17th Mar 08, 22:52
by Liiisa

Love ya, miss ya, remember ya! :twisted:

PostPosted: 9th Aug 08, 02:41
by evileyebri
It would have been Trace's birthday today. Time to raise a Jack N Coke and remember the good times.


PostPosted: 9th Aug 08, 08:22
by Liiisa
evileyebri wrote:It would have been Trace's birthday today.

Yup... I was sat last night remembering a mercy dash to Darlo that Mr Dingwall and I made exactly 5 yrs ago after Trace broke Stoke :)


PostPosted: 9th Aug 08, 13:09
by pete
Heres to Trace

PostPosted: 10th Aug 08, 21:59
by percy
A few of us raised a glass to her at the Bulldog.

PostPosted: 3rd Dec 09, 10:56
by Trudi
Three years on, not forgotten *raises glass*

Raises glass

PostPosted: 3rd Dec 09, 19:17
by macc lad
Never met her unfortunatley, but the way everyone talks about her wish i had.

where have those three years gone !

PostPosted: 4th Dec 09, 00:56
by Spike
Trudi wrote:Three years on, not forgotten *raises glass*

Amen to that