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Japan rollcall!

PostPosted: 6th Jan 07, 11:12
by NickD
Hey all

Myself and my girlfriend are heading up for the Feb gigs.

Anyone else going?

Let's get a group sake session happening!

PostPosted: 6th Jan 07, 15:51
by nig1012
wow dude i can only just afford BLACKPOOL

PostPosted: 7th Jan 07, 09:14
by MikeH
Couldn't even make it to Wolves.... Japan might be difficult. :lol:

PostPosted: 11th Jan 07, 22:39
by mochy
Hey, I'll be going to two of the three shows, probably, and I'll try to persuade a couple of others to come too. If people are going to meet before the show it's in Daikanyama, so Shibuya or Ebisu would be perfect for the pre-gig drinks.

PostPosted: 12th Jan 07, 13:34
by NickD
Hey mochy!

We will probably be staying in Shibuya so either there or Ebisu sounds cool for pre gig drinks.

Will keep in touch - cheers!

PostPosted: 14th Jan 07, 01:31
by longgoneloser
I'll be there for all shows and then some. rock n roll! Got my plane ticket, got my gig tickets, yay's all round.