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New Ginger Says article on Wildhearts site

Postby Damian » 8th Jan 07, 01:29

Just thought I'd mention it. And the new Wildhearts album will be self-titled...
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Postby Ean » 8th Jan 07, 01:42

Ean Ü

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Postby Chris Davies » 8th Jan 07, 04:18

Everything sounds brilliant atm. Im so happy for Ginger nobody deserves success more than him and it looks as if all the years of hard work are finally paying off.

Hopefully from reading this it sounds like The Wildhearts could be around for a bit longer than just this new album with Ginger saying its the best line-up the bands ever had.

On a final note
Cant wait to hear 'Yoni' cant wait to hear the new Wildhearts album , cant wait for the tour and anything else that comes along our way.

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Chris Davies
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Postby MikeH » 8th Jan 07, 08:21

Sounds really promising - best lineup that Ginger reckons they've had, a new album which he says harks back to Earth Vs.... I'm excited... :D
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Postby wez_wildheart » 8th Jan 07, 10:06

can someone copy and paste this to the thread as work, in their infinite wisdom, have blocked The Wildhearts website.

wanna wee read before i pass opinion

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Postby Ross » 8th Jan 07, 10:26

Sounds like good news...

Funny enough, how much does Scott Sorry look like Danny in that photo?
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Postby wez_wildheart » 8th Jan 07, 10:46

Ross wrote:Sounds like good news...

Funny enough, how much does Scott Sorry look like Danny in that photo?

i thought that when i seen the photos of the gig just before Xmas
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Postby markE » 8th Jan 07, 11:10

hmmm dvd documentary could be very interesting
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Postby Damian » 8th Jan 07, 11:25

wez_wildheart wrote:can someone copy and paste this to the thread as work, in their infinite wisdom, have blocked The Wildhearts website.

wanna wee read before i pass opinion


A lot of people have work Internet filters so I've censored words that might otherwise cause problems...

Happy New Year!

What a year this one is going to be! What a year the last one was!!

Round Records got off to a flying start with the release of Valor Del Corazon, in January 2006. With releases by Howling Willie C*** ('World Of Filth') and The God Damn W****s ('We Are The Lucky 13') to follow, the circle was completed with the recording of Yoni, the follow up to 'Valor...' to be released in January 2007.

2006 was rounded off with The Wildhearts beginning recording the brand new, self titled album, due to be released in April 2007, once again on Round Records. Not bad for a one man label, huh?

Recording of 'The Wildhearts' began in London's Strongroom studios (an amazing place with Jamie Reid artwork adorning every wall in the place), continued in Burnt House studios, Ipswich (right around the same time as the murders began and ended right when they caught the killer) and will end by recording vocals in the most Haunted Castle in Britain, in January.

This place is apparently chock full of ghosts ranging from an angry French priest, who screams for you to leave, to a headless humanoid form that rises from the ground. Legend has it that the authenticity of the castle's fearsome reputation was tested by the most hardcore of police departments: the murder squad. Apparently 30 members of the murder squad went in and 3 were left in the morning.

We are spending a week there.

Our paranormal findings as well as our vocals will be captured on video and audio, and released via a DVD documentary on The Wildhearts to be available later on in the year.

The new album is sounding f***ing amazing. Heavy, melodic, complicated, catchy, emotional, angry, rocking, huge and classic. More in keeping with the original blueprint set down by 'Earth Versus The Wildhearts'.

With new boy Scott Sorry in our ranks (anyone seeing this guy perform at our Xmas show in Wolverhampton will testify to his suitability in the role of full-time Wildhearts bass player) we have the nicest, most loyal guy I have met in years. Rich Battersby is also back in the fold, the greatest drummer we have ever had, in my opinion... this guy is a work-horse.

I'm happier with this line-up than any other we have ever had. Not to take anything away from anyone that has ever appeared in the band previously, but for me the professionalism and passion in this current format is both very addictive and very exciting.

I'm also very excited about the release of my new solo album 'Yoni' in January. The album features Random Jon Poole on bass and Denzel Pearson on drums (as well as Tim Smith and Jase Edwards on production duties), and is the most thrilling musical experience I have ever had the pleasure of participating in. With string quartets, horn sections, choirs, pianos and a myriad of musical instrumentation sharing space within the songs, I'm confident that this album will occupy a special place within the hearts of anyone who has even the faintest interest in my music. It is the most musical album I have ever made and I am very proud of the results.

I've had an amazing year and I intend to continue in this creative and productive fashion in 2007, albeit in more of a live setting.

I hope you will all join us in toasting 2007 as the year where hard work and determination finally pay off. Music is worth investing all of oneself in order to fully realise one's potential and ultimately one's dreams.

If I've learned anything from 2006 then it is that you can achieve anything you want to achieve, just as long as you believe it can and WILL happen.

Oh I also realised that myspace isn't a great place to meet girls after all.

Watch how you go out there... there's a lot of nutters waiting to pounce from the least likely of directions.

We are born knowing everything, we just have to experience it all in order to discover ourselves and in that process discover true happiness. Let every lesson be the key to finding your true self, because therein lies your happiness.

God bless you all

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Postby wez_wildheart » 8th Jan 07, 11:51

thanks mate for that

good enough read

more of interest for me is the DVD, be nice if they done it in the vein of Iron Maiden 'The Early Days' as in interviews with pretty much every single member, 90 min documentary or more. I think it would be better than just a few comments skimming over the history of the band and a few videos stuck on.

as for the new album? looking forward to it obviously, the only thing is again this is the greatest line up ever being mooted again.the only thing is The Wildhearts are one of those bands i would hate to see having a revolving door of members for the remainder of their a fan you make an emotional investment in the members and that tends to be diluted when the line up keeps changing.obviously you need the best men for the job but the rich history of the band has seen us all attach thelmselves to the members for whatever reason.

i mean Danny for me was as much The Wildhearts as Ginger or CJ or Stidi, add in he has been a big inspiration on me musically being a bass player.for me the Earth Vs. line up was the line up i am emotionally attached to as it represented my teenage years, very formative years and that line up and album was the soundtrack to those years.while Ginger was the and still is the main man in The Wildhearts, Danny was the guy who represented us, the fans, on the stage more than anyone.just listen to the 'Danny' chants at any WH gig he ever done or does for proof of never viewed him in the band as Danny was Danny Wildheart

Ritch to a certain extent as he was the drummer when i first managed to catch them live and part of the line up when i met them as a starry eyed 15 year old sneaking into the gig.

CJ? i dont think the band ever really recovered when he left, again a very integral member, being a co founder that he is back i think if he ever left again it would be a void that nobody could ever fill.

In saying that i am optimistic about the new line up and really hope that it succeeds.i hope that this album signals a permanent line up and one that doesnt change again.i know stability and The Wildhearts doesnt go hand in hand but it would be nice if this happened.

God Bless The Wildhearts
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Postby Damian » 8th Jan 07, 13:39

I hope we don't get too deep into the bass player thing again. Danny did an amazing job and you only have to look on the Scarborough DVD to see how much he means to the fans. Jon did an amazing job. At the Wolves show, as Ginger said, Scott did an amazing job too. To attempt to fill those shoes at the first attempt and look so comfortable was a brilliant achievement - there was no sense of 'skulking in the shadows' - he was leaping around like a good 'un.

And any band that doesn't think their current line-up is the best ever, their current record is the best to date, the current shows are the best they've played and so on is not pushing itself hard enough.
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Postby wez_wildheart » 8th Jan 07, 15:00

Damian wrote:And any band that doesn't think their current line-up is the best ever, their current record is the best to date, the current shows are the best they've played and so on is not pushing itself hard enough.

i think this is a thing, the grand statement that bands, not just The Wildhearts, should refrain from.i think bands should just make a passing comment on how things are going, thereby creating anticipation, suspense, surprise then reality among the fanbase.throw it to the floor and let the public decide.i find that when bands say 'best this and best that' before we have the finished article it can be a hindrance.not to say that you shouldnt get excited about your own bands direction and feeling at the time but such grand statements can lead to disappointment, especially when this is the line that you are constantly hearing.i mean the line up last time was the 'best line up ever' and that went tits up and left a lot of Wildhearts fans, well those in my home country, deflated when it went pear shaped.we all thought this was it and this is how its gonna be

i think basically what im saying is keep schtum on everything, let the magic grow and then unleash the product and take it from there.say it internally but leave it out of the public eye.think about it, if God forbid, everyone buys the line and then the album was a stinker, there are many who will publicly deny the band and denounce the previous all means inform the fans of the songwriting process, how the sessions are going, how the band are running, but be kinda vague to keep the people guessing.

as for the bassist thing? Jon was excellent, really took to him as a performer and a musician.had big shoes to fill and done an admirable and commendable for Scott. well i havent seen him so i will decide then and obviously when i hear the looking forward to this as much as the next Wildhearts fan.all im simply saying is that too many line up changes can sometimes ruin the magic of a band.The Wildhearts are the band that i have closely followed and cherished since '92 and i would hate for this to hearing it already back home...'for fucks sake another line up', 'this is all a bit bollocks' yada yada yada.but then hey i will still be front row at the show and first through the doors of HMV when the CD is out
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Postby vanrad » 8th Jan 07, 16:19

I'm always eternally positive when the Wildhearts get their shit together. Not that the Wildhearts crave commercial success.... but I have a romantic view of a band that will one day release the right song / video / album and be celebrated for ever more. Something tells me (&probably Ginger himself), not condoning it but Ginger has more chance of getting greater success with The Wildhearts. Och anyway it's more Ginger tunes on at least 2 albums this year - that get's my vote... not bothered who's playing them - a blast of the old WH songs live now and again is nice!
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Postby wez_wildheart » 8th Jan 07, 16:30

aye i agree that for more commercial success The Wildhearts has the bigger name value.although for reasons i dont understand.

i mean, surely if you know Ginger is the frontman and as a first time hearing The Wildhearts you like the band and establish that Ginger is the main songwriter or a mid to long term Wildhearts fan, then why would you pass up the chance to listen to Ginger as a solo artist? one of lifes little mysteries.i think sales and chart positions can maybe help along what im that a WIldhearts single can go top 20 so in a way by that basis a Ginger single wouldnt have the same difficulty

again though do all Wildhearts fans immediately go to acquaint thelmselves with the solo stuff? or are there Wildhearts only fans who dont give second thought to the solo stuff?

personally i love all the stuff Ginger related regardless of what the title its released under.

although if this Wildhearts album goes nuclear...i promise each and every one of you i will eat a box of cream crackers with no liquid help
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Postby Dave C » 8th Jan 07, 16:51

I beleive Ginger to be a supremly talented person, I love all his work so far.
The Wildhearts, however, are the sum of it's parts, each member bringing in to the band something that the others don't have. That's the reason for their popularity.
Dave C
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