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Postby Loveshit25 » 26th Feb 06, 18:03

Hello one and all, just wondered if anyone on here had heard the news about Joolz who was the wildhearts bassist back in the early days - line up was Ginger, CJ, Joolz and Pat. (He went on to be in Guns n Wankers and Dogpiss with Duncan from Snuff and Pat from the same wildhearts line up) Joolz suffered a brain tumour a year or so back and has been fighting a huge battle to get back to fitness. Well for anyone interested things are going ok for Joolz he is gradually getting better and has begun to use his guitar again. Will be a long road back but im sure he will get there.
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Postby trace-da-space » 27th Feb 06, 00:27

never met the bloke, but as one cancer-patient to another, pass on my best wishes if ya get the chance; hope he makes a full recovery!

trace x
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Postby skychaserhigh » 27th Feb 06, 18:55

All the best to the guy....

Fight the big c man.............
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Postby Workyticket » 27th Feb 06, 19:56

Seconded. He's a Wildheart, and therefore part of the family!
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Postby kateyay » 28th Feb 06, 10:39

All the best to Joolz.

cancer is an evil bastard thing that never seems to go away and always strikes the best people....
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Postby Sully » 28th Feb 06, 12:17

Dog piss were class, i remember hearing their album years ago. Anyone got it?
All the best to the guy in getting over that shit.
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Postby Loveshit25 » 12th Mar 06, 23:08

Yep got everything by Dogpiss and Guns n Wankers (Joolz's bands) he was in lots of underground punk bands with Duncan from Snuff and others. Was due to record a new Guns n Wankers album before the Brain Haemorrage. He was also in the Soho Roses before the Wildhearts
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Brain Hemorrage

Postby Loveshit25 » 13th Mar 06, 00:20

Sorry I saw I said Brain Tumour, it was actually a Brain Hemorrage
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Re: Brain Hemorrage

Postby Dark Lord of Barnet » 13th Mar 06, 02:54

Loveshit25 wrote:Sorry I saw I said Brain Tumour, it was actually a Brain Hemorrage
Those things are evil and seem to be able to strike anyone at any time out of the blue. Brian Davis the very talented guitarist from my previous band was killed by one totally unexpectedly.
"and don't forget the joker!"

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