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Postby Keith Richard » 17th Jan 07, 22:16

robdy2k wrote:Trip to Wulfrun Hall from Leeds in the fog - no doubt - it was INTENSE! Concentrating on driving in the thick fog for 3 & 1/4 hrs is not my idea of fun!

Fuck's sake....were you riding a push bike? I drove down from just south of Edinburgh in under four hours. :P
cause the chances are good that it wont let you down, like maybe drinking with Keith, or seeing Dolly Parton's tits...
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Postby Cwej » 18th Jan 07, 01:48

leeds radio onesound city gig - camped for 2 nights before , was meant to be hooking up with girl i was seeing from blackburn , but they dint come down til the day of the gig in the end , then got offered the aftershow but she said she dint feel well so turned it down , then she dumped me m so tried to get back in to the aftershow cos i needed some beers byt then , but bouncers weren't having any of it :( . ended up spending the last of me dollars to get train home early rather than wait around moping til the coach i had booked 2 days after

and it was also the one date of the posies tour kerbdog wern't playing , and terrorvision were sold out so them gigs werewashous too

WH show was bit short too , being radio , butthey were still cool , plus cecil , feeder and civ , so decent bill .

pisser i dint get none tho !

plus the gents were flooded !
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Postby davejnick » 18th Jan 07, 08:31

Edinburgh, 1996. Saturday afternoon. Princes Street. Busiest street in Scotland at it's busiest time of the week.

And then the flames and the smoke started coming out of the fucking engine......
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Postby Marky Mark » 21st Jan 07, 16:47

How about this one!
After the Scarborough gig got back to my car to find that some lowlife had tried to steal it. They were obviously not very good thieves as in trying to break the stearing lock they totaly snapped the stearing column, leaving the car un-drivable with the stearing wheel laying in the foot well.
Still could have been worse, only 1 broken window and 6 CD's nicked.
After contacting the local police who were as you would expect absolutely hopeless i phoned the AA who refused to recover the car back home to near Cambridge for me as they said it was not a breakdown. Great!!
As luck would have it there was a few of us staying up there for the weekend so managed to get a lift home on the Sunday.
So onto Monday and a trip from Cambridge back upto Scarborough with another mate and a new stearing column. Car fixed in under 10 minutes and back on the the road for the 210 mile trip back home.
Add all this to the fact of how cold it was up there and that BEER QUE, this one has to be up there with the worst ever road trips!
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Postby Stuart Brackpool » 22nd Jan 07, 00:05

When Silver Ginger 5 played their first gig in this country at The Scala I went down from Wolverhampton on the train. On the way there I got locked in a Virgin Train toilet cubicle. For the return journey the train was cancelled due to floods so, cold and damp with sweat, I had to spend the night in Euston station. Not an experience to be repeated. Brilliant gig, though. Plus I found a £20 note on the floor on my way into the venue. T-shirt sorted!
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Postby EvilElvis » 6th Feb 07, 08:25

wez_wildheart wrote:Aberdeen in particular was funny when Stidi threw porn mags to the fans after the gig.Ollie (Evil Elvis) on this board will remember all about it.

The lad that got the magazine stopping random strangers down the main street and asking if they'd consider posing for him like some of the models in the magazine he had - before he opened th emagazine up and the ysaw a girl spreadeagled. Happy daze matey! :D
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