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Wildhearts vids

Postby Ross » 4th Mar 06, 11:06

Just found this new site, and there's a few on it...

http://youtube.com/results?search=The+W ... rch_videos

Search for your favourite band on there and it brings up a few brilliant ones... Kyuss and Faith no More turn up some good results! :D
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Postby Ean » 4th Mar 06, 15:17

If you just search 'Wildhearts' it throws up more results.

It's easy to see how Ginger got a bit disenchanted with the Wildhearts reformation after seeing the reaction, and sheer size of the crowd, at Summer Sonic in Japan compared to here.
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Postby Marc » 5th Mar 06, 17:14

anyway of actually downlaoding it to the PC ?
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Postby Dee Dee Da'bone » 13th Mar 06, 19:27

Hell yeah! Lot's of great videos on there. Alot of "Hearts videos that i have never seen. \m/

Marc, there is a way by changing the link code. \m/
Dee Dee Da'bone
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Postby dtmthinktank » 15th Mar 06, 18:37

I got a double dvd wildhearts video/live collection off ebay a while ago, some of the vids are pretty bad quality, but it has got the reading show where danny fucked his knee and the summer sonic gig. Also, the love bank video is one of the funniest I have ever seen!
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Postby Ali_Dunbar » 15th Mar 06, 18:41

Dee Dee Da'bone wrote:Marc, there is a way by changing the link code. \m/

OK.... so howz it done? I've never seen the "I wanna go..." vid but even with broadband, it is infuriating to watch.
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Ginger solo Gig

Postby Wilddan1 » 3rd Jun 06, 23:47

I am posting a few vids on vidilife that I filmed at the Norwich gig on the 1st of June..

http://www.vidilife.com/index.cfm?f=med ... rID=474801

There are 3 there already and another 5 to come ( as soon as the site starts plaing ball and letting me upload the sodding things!!!)

This has taken me all bloody day to do and I am knackered!!!
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Postby andylawrnece » 23rd Jun 06, 15:15

put some vids on my myspace(no i am not emo) www.myspace.com/sgtlawrence go and watch
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Postby EvilElvis » 9th Sep 06, 14:36

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