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Postby Ben Wright » 9th Feb 07, 20:10

Thanks for the comments - both the positive and the negative. Always good to get some feedback and find out what people think, but ultamately for me it's all about being creative and having a bit of fun.

Although the S.o.D. remix does not illustrate this, I've always been a big fan of metal/rock and rave and think that the two go very well together. They are music genres where the issue of making lots of noise and pissing people off go hand in hand. My only beef with rave and hard house is that lyrically it's a bit bereft.

For people of a similar disposition Fear Factory's remix album Remanufacture is really worth checking out.

For software I use a mix of Fruityloops, Nero Wave editor (for the loops) and the odd but of Music2000.

Regarding the Honeycrack remixes - the Animals remix is indeed top. Also recommend checking out the remix of Anyway (available on the single of the same name) and Martin Steib's version of Sitting At Home.

One final rambling. This whole nu-rave stuff the NME keep banging on about is utter bollocks (with the exception of CSS). It sounds like half-arsed indie bands playing over a ZX Spectrum. Surely they must have drug problems (i.e not taking the right ones.....)
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Postby Assmask » 9th Feb 07, 23:01

nice one dude

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Postby davejnick » 10th Feb 07, 10:09

I like it. Sounds like a really bizarre idea that shouldn't work, but it does.
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Postby Gigantor » 19th Feb 07, 11:38

Don't like it, sorry. :roll:
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Postby Dave C » 19th Feb 07, 20:00

For what it's worth I liked it. Good work fella.
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