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Postby skychaserhigh » 5th Mar 06, 12:27

The japanese only 4 disc boxset is for sale at auction number 4841555519

Price is $99 about £65
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Postby Marc » 13th Mar 06, 13:27

Anyone of here get it??

I forgot that it ended at 5am GMT :(
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Postby Tracey » 14th Mar 06, 08:54

It was me that won it!

I have a terrible addiction to ebay and setting my alarm clock at stupid hours! :D

Ended up paying the equivalent to £100 inc postage.

Which is rather silly as I have no job at the end of the month but hey, I wanted it!

Tracey x
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Postby Ritch » 14th Mar 06, 22:22

Tip for people, fair enough if you want it, pay what you are happy with but try to avoid esprit they are chronically overpriced, i'd rather wait for a real seller to have one on rather than a company, but thats my personal opinion, loughboroughs finest left legged pineapple ( had one last year for about £70 in great condition....


Is this a cheese shop?
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Postby Tracey » 15th Mar 06, 09:40

The only others I have seen on ebay were being sold by esprit and the cheapest they have it for is £150. They have a brand new one at around £180? I think.
The one I got started at £60 but by the time the auction was due to end, it had gone up somewhat.....! I was willing to pay up to £100 anyway, so all's well that ends well! (apart from the fact I will have no job in a few weeks time!)

Anyone here want to employ me? :wink:

Preferably someone who will allow me unlimited cigarette breaks and doesn't take offence to any of my music!

Tracey x
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Postby Ean » 15th Mar 06, 21:09

If you want a cheap Moodswings, search the overseas listings on eBay. Look for Japanese based listings that end in the early hours of the morning (your local time).

It might cost you some sleep to be there for the end of the auction, but there'll be less competition - most of them seem to be coming to the UK and everyone else is asleep - and you'll pay less.

I only paid just over a hundred quid for mine, and that was a couple of years ago when they were going for ridiculous money. :)
Ean Ü

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Postby idiottoast » 12th Jun 06, 22:08

If anybody wants one of these,there is one on ebay right now.The starting bid is a rather low $78,(the seller is in japan)that would be about £45/£50(.... ish).The guys ebay i.d. is, bridesofdisrtuction,it`s got just over three days left,at the time of this post.He also has four or five other jap wildheart c.d.`s,and a couple of honeycrack,the jellys c.d.`s too.I`ve already got a copy of this,which i paid the princely sum of£65(inc p+p) for not long after it came out.Should have bought two or three....D`oh.
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