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Postby DrunkenLordOfEverything » 9th Mar 06, 16:38

I found a snazzy little tool on the net that lets you look at Archived versions of Web Pages.

Have a butcher at this*/

You can check out all the incarnations of the site back up to 2000 when it was still the SG5 Site. Just make sure to lcick the dates with the little *'s next to them for the updated versions.

Good if you're after old news and Pictures etc.

One thing, given the age of some things, not all the links work and osme pictures have been lost forever, but still, have a poke.
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Postby pissjoy » 9th Mar 06, 19:36

fantastic mate ta very much
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Postby davejnick » 9th Mar 06, 21:15

And there I was, wondering how I was going to avoid doing anything too productive at work tomorrow..... :wink:
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