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Support Bands on WH Tour

Postby vanrad » 1st Mar 07, 14:20

Just looked at ticketweb and also myspace... and the following are supporting The Wildhearts.... any thoughts from anybody?

G.U. Medincine
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Postby psychodoyle2002 » 1st Mar 07, 19:23

Not quite what I was expecting but will be exciting nonetheless. I like G U Medicine more.
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Postby DAZ » 1st Mar 07, 20:44

GU Medicine are one of the most underated UK bands around at the moment, should be touring large venues, be all over Scuzz and be in the magazine and selling loads of CD's. But as we know with our man Ginger, the real world isn't like that.

As for Sign I don't know much about them but they are Scandinavian rock n roll by the looks of it and Scandinavia has produced some of the most kick arse bands over the last few years so hopefully this is another. On one of Turbonegro's mail outs last year they did say to watch out for Sign, so if it is good enough for Turbonegro it is good enough for me.
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Postby benwalton » 1st Mar 07, 21:43

if it is good enough for Turbonegro it is good enough for me.

and just last week as i was clearing shit from off my shelf...
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