11th of May 2007, The Wildhearts on a day off?

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11th of May 2007, The Wildhearts on a day off?

Postby angus_young » 3rd Mar 07, 22:13


Just looking at the tour in may and i've noticed that the 11th of May is free and The Wildhearts are playing Aberdeen on the 10th.

The Lovely Ironworks Venue in Inverness is just a 110 mile drive west to inverness.

Please please include us in the tour.

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Postby shockingcandy » 3rd Mar 07, 22:47

20 dates and I count just 4 days off in over 3 weeks - now that's a proper UK tour! Nice to see a band willing to put the effort to get to some of the less "fashionable" places (Mansfield anyone?). Even better that it's the best band on the planet. 8)
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Postby markE » 5th Mar 07, 11:12

is this the longest tour they have done?

i can't remember any longer ones but then i only reallyy take note of the gigs i might be able to reach.
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