Hooray for Ebay!

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Hooray for Ebay!

Postby DrunkenLordOfEverything » 13th Mar 06, 20:43

Just got myself Fishing for Luckies for the grand price of 99p :)
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Postby Sully » 14th Mar 06, 17:11

Fuckin hell, can't be bad. I don't even bother going on it cos I'd just be spending money i haven't got on things i can live without.
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Postby Glen666 » 14th Mar 06, 21:50

You're damn right there. You cannot go on it without spending money!

You always think, "it's only a few quid". All adds up!!!
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Postby Tracey » 15th Mar 06, 09:50

Well done on getting a bargain!

I'm a self confessed ebay addict.

My history for the last 60 days :
Items won - 19
Amount - £183.72

I think I need help........!

Tracey x
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