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Postby Col » 15th Mar 06, 20:31

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Postby Piedude » 15th Mar 06, 20:43

Noticed that this morning too, wont work for Firefox or IE
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Postby Ean » 15th Mar 06, 20:57


...And never called me mother

I think the .com address is down because it's just been renewed and the system's still catching up.
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Postby DarrenStockford » 15th Mar 06, 23:11

In the meantime, you can reach the site via http://www.thewildhearts.co.uk or http://www.silverginger.co.uk
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Postby Lord Iffy Boatrace » 16th Mar 06, 14:49

im still waiting for merchandise as well! :o
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Postby Dark Lord of Barnet » 16th Mar 06, 15:10

www.thewildhearts.com is back online. :)
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Postby Sully » 16th Mar 06, 15:27

I've already read every page of the site about 10 times. Oh well once more wont hurt.
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Postby marillionkb5 » 17th Mar 06, 10:36

>im still waiting for merchandise as well!

So am I !!
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