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The yo-yo's

PostPosted: 12th Feb 06, 15:13
Hey there Peeps!!!


Does anybody know what's the current situation with The Yo-Yo's???


PostPosted: 12th Feb 06, 16:08
by getting it on tuesday
split up apparently :(

PostPosted: 12th Feb 06, 16:33
by Col
It ain't lookin good for the Yo Yo's. Apparently Danny showed up late for the first or second nite of the tour with Anti -Product and it's all gone tits up.

PostPosted: 12th Feb 06, 17:17
by Piedude
Check out their website, "Given Up" flashing on the screen before redirecting to another band isnt a good sign.

The Yo-Yo's

PostPosted: 13th Feb 06, 14:46
by wast
I was chuffed to see the band was back together and supporting 3 Colours Red last year. The Norwich Waterfront gig was superb, even though the attendance was poor. I had tickets for the December tour and was really disappointed when it was blown out.

So far i've not been able to find out why but if, as seems likely, the Yo-Yo's have split again it is indeed a sad day. On the 3CR tour they seemed so together and, speaking to Danny after the show, he seemed in excellent health and spirits.

Fingers crossed it all gets worked out and the band can continue in some form, if not at least we have a new mini-album to add to the debut CD.

PostPosted: 14th Feb 06, 16:09
by carlosconnelli
was talking to danny on the 3cr tour in manchester and he said that everything was going so well with the tour for both bands, now it seems neither are still with us. good luck to the guys.

PostPosted: 20th Feb 06, 02:56
by Dark Lord of Barnet
They split up during their tour - I wouldn't expect to hear anything from them in the forseeable future... :(

PostPosted: 20th Feb 06, 18:41
by pete gusher
i turned up to the manchester date only to find none of the bands were playing. on my birthday.

dont know exactly what caused the split up - ive heard rumours
danny was doing some stuff with chris catalyst last i heard

PostPosted: 20th Feb 06, 20:32
by carlosconnelli
lemo, i was gona do the same, unfortunatly my car wasnt feeling too well on the day and i didnt drive down, must have been am omen or sumthing

PostPosted: 21st Feb 06, 00:48
by pete gusher
i got the train down. what a waste of a journey that was

PostPosted: 21st Feb 06, 01:36
by carlosconnelli
jeez thats harsh, sorry to hear that

Yo-Yo's at the 12 bar!

PostPosted: 23rd Feb 06, 17:00
Me and my better half went to the 12 Bar Gig (with Plan A and The Grit Supporting) last November!! The gig itself was awesome!!! WeI chatted to Danny, Tom and Rich both b4 and after their set. They were all well chuffed with the new Yo-Yo's! Infact Danny showed us his new half finished Tat on his back - the Ray Zell Cartoon from the "Giving Up" EP!!! They were all interviewed in the back room for some TV or Magazine article and everything seemed really chumbly!!! So, it came as a real shock to hear they'd split!?!?! Gutted!!

PostPosted: 23rd Feb 06, 18:39
by Jay
Does anyone know what they are up to now? It seems that Tom is back playing in Fastlane Roogalator but I don't know about the others.

Yo-Yo's at Southampton Joiners

PostPosted: 24th Feb 06, 12:42
by godzillas beard
Me and my mate were at the Southampton Joiners which I think was the last date they played. When we got there Danny was in the bar looking quite coherent for once. After the second support band there was nothing happening for over an hour and people were starting to get a bit fidgety. Eventually the Yo-yo's appeared with Danny looking a little worse for wear and then said Southampton had a drugs problem, it had taken him ages to find any. They then ripped up their setlist as they only had 20 mins left before they had to finish. What they played was blindingly good but you could tell evereyone was pissed off with such a short set. Not surprised the rest of the tour got cancelled really.