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Postby Ritch » 16th Mar 06, 23:29

best cover - don't be happy just worry (okay its an E.P but for arguments sake I will say the 2 disc one with the anti dance mondo akimbo remix CD!! :-P)

best cover - when they did the theme tune from the Munsters at Wolverhampton Civic back in the mid to late 90's
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Postby Radish » 17th Mar 06, 10:34

Album cover - I'd go for Don't be happy...just worry

Cover cover - My Sharona - never heard them do a full version, but they've played bits at various gigs, would love to hear a recorded version.
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Postby wez_wildheart » 17th Mar 06, 12:41

sleeve artwork - Mondo...

cover songs :

Down Down - played in Belfast
Thriller - bits played in Dublin with CJ singing
Don't You Want Me Baby - with RJP singing

the last Dublin show got such a shit turnout the band almost turned it into a karaoke night with WH's songs inbetween.made the very best from a bad situation
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Postby Gex » 19th May 06, 20:44

Anarchic Airwaves, c'mon people!!

Love that cover

Cover song: White Lies
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Postby godofhaircare » 27th May 06, 09:17

Best Album Cover: Riff After Riff - Gearhead/US - You can't go wrong with a big skull can you.

Best Cover Version - I really dig Hocus Pocus from Great White Monkey or Animals from Live Begins At 40
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