Greetings from Norway

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Greetings from Norway

Postby Chris Norway » 4th May 06, 13:44

Just wanted to say hi to all you Wildhearts / Ginger fans at this board :)

I´m a 34 year young Wildhearts fan from Norway. I have been a HUGE fan of Gingers music since I first heard the "nothing ever changes..." video on cabel TV many years ago.

Not much of Gingers music have been released over here, so its been hell ( both for me and my money) to collect all his releases, the merchandice and the fanclub stuff.

Wildhearts are not big in Norway, but more and more people getting to know and love their music. And I know I´m not the only norwegian with a Wildhearts tattoo on my arm!

In 2004 they were opener for Darkness in Oslo, Norway. The concert was fantastic, about a million times better than Darkness´set. And both Ginger, CJ and Stidi were cool people to talk to, and they all signed whatever the fans wanted them to sign.

They also played a show in Norway in 93/94 as opener for Suicidal T. Just after Danny broke his leg.

In 2004 I took my girlfriend with me to London and went to the Hammersmith show. Great show, a memory for life. Met lots of cool people. Glad I did it, u never now if / when the band coming back.

Anyhow. Have fun. Rock this board :)
Chris Norway
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Postby nig1012 » 4th May 06, 15:23

welcome aboard chris
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Postby Col » 9th May 06, 19:01

Hi there.
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Postby andy_b » 10th May 06, 11:18

Hi there Chris! Hope you enjoy your stay here - why don't you pop on over to the introductions thread and make your mark there!

Andy B
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Postby john v. » 10th May 06, 21:52

Hello Chris.. Notodden ramp here :shock:
I promise to pay the bearer
some spunk,
some snot
& some shite...
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john v.
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