CJ´s last recording session?

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CJ´s last recording session?

Postby Chris Norway » 4th May 06, 22:38


When did CJ quit first time? What was his last session? I read it was for the Suckerpunch b-sides, but wasn´t he involved with the sessions for some of the tracks on Fishing... or p.h.u.q.?
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Postby Ean » 5th May 06, 14:21

From Darren Stockford's really rather splendid Wildhearts history :-

"June 1994 The band are holed up in Comfort's Place studio in Surrey, beginning work on the follow-up to Earth Vs The Wildhearts. Mark Dodson is producing. By the end of the month, the backing tracks for 18 songs, including Inglorious, Schizophonic and Geordie In Wonderland, have been completed. While driving to the studio one day, Ginger's car hits a tree. The frontman escapes without injury, but Ritch, a passenger in the car at the time, ends up in hospital with head and leg injuries.

27 June 1994 Suckerpunch is released as a single. It reaches number 38 in the UK chart.

29 June 1994 NME publish an interview with the band in which Ginger admits that The Wildhearts are on the verge of splitting up. He blames the situation on lack of conversation within the band.

4 July 1994 The first rumours that CJ has been sacked begin to circulate among fans.

13 July 1994 Kerrang! confirms that CJ has been sacked. CJ tells the magazine that he has no idea why.

20 July 1994 Kerrang! publish Ginger's side of the story. The frontman puts the sacking down to a personality clash. Ginger and CJ had apparently started to grow apart, having spent five years in the same band together. A new 'stand-in' guitarist is announced: ex-VAI frontman Devin Townsend."

If you haven't already, it's well worth a read - but bring tea and sandwiches, and get comfy, it's not short. :wink:
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