You pick the set list...

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You pick the set list...

Postby Rick » 9th May 06, 11:24


Ginger wants to know what people's favourite Wildhearts songs are, so he can pick a set list for the Hanoi Rocks acoustic support shows. I'm not sure if this'll work, but if everyone can reply to this thread with their five (5) favourite Wildhearts songs, we can go through at the end and tot up the totals to see which are the most popular.


- Rick.

EDIT: If you're looking for inspiration, there's a full list of songs in the Wildhearts discography...
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Postby geordierussell » 9th May 06, 12:06

Not in popularity order except for the first one.

Only Love

Nita Nitro
Weekend 96

Not sure how some these would acouticise (just made that word up!)
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Postby Ean » 9th May 06, 12:10

Five favourite songs (that wouldn't sound shite on an acoustic guitar) ?
  • Beautiful Thing You
  • Bad Time To Be Having A Bad Time
  • Geordie In Wonderland
  • Nita Nitro
  • Weekend (5 Long Days)
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Postby theprisoner » 9th May 06, 12:18

Oh behalf of my mate who is not a member of this forum

2.Hate the World day
3.Top of the World

on my own behalf

4.Sky chaser High
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Postby SchitzoStu » 9th May 06, 12:49

5? Just 5? Damn thats hard!! If it's gonna be acoustic though.......

Nita Nitro
Geordie in Wonderland
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Postby Ginger_Is_God » 9th May 06, 15:39

wow. erm only five bloody hell I colud do nearly fifty...............................

ok here goes in no particular order

1 - Bad Time To Be Having A Bad Time

2- Miles Away Girl

3 - Weekend

4 - Sky Chaser High

5- Sky Babies
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Postby Chris Davies » 9th May 06, 16:11

1. 29 X The Pain

2. Tv Tan

3. I Wanna Go Where The People Go

4. Weekend(5 long days)

5. Mindslide

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Postby skychaserhigh » 9th May 06, 16:27

1. skychaserhigh
2. dangerlust
3. 29 x the pain
4. beautiful me beautiful you
5. beer for breakfast

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top 5

Postby EvilNeil » 9th May 06, 17:34

in paticular order

-Love You Till I Dont
-Zomboid (although i know they'd never play it)
-Nita Nitro
-29 x the pain

that was tough!!
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Postby Hannah » 9th May 06, 18:45

In no order whatsoever...

- Nita Nitro
- Two Way Idiot Mirror
- Caffeine Bomb
- Weekend
- So Into You

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Postby Dave C » 9th May 06, 19:08

Didn't we do this before and the setlist wasn't as good as we'd hoped?

For me the five best acoustic numbers would be: -

Girlfriend Clothes
OCD (it could be great)
Love U Til I Don't

All of them would make great acoustuc number in my opinion.
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Postby Piedude » 9th May 06, 19:12

Oh, even though they probably wont work on acoustic..

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Postby Rock n Roll » 9th May 06, 22:55

1. Anthem
2. Sick of Drugs
3. Give the Girl A Gun
5. TV Tan
Rock n Roll
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Postby Keith Richard » 10th May 06, 00:20

Two Way Idiot Mirror
29 x The Pain
Nothing Ever Changes (2 vocals, two guitars?)
Beautiful Thing You
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Postby getting it on tuesday » 10th May 06, 17:44

Down On London
Dreaming In A
Theres Only One Hell
And The Bullshit Goes On
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