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Questions for CJ

PostPosted: 3rd Jun 06, 00:23
by rnrgeek
I am interviewing CJ This Sunday on the Rock and Roll Geek Show.

I would love to get some questions from other Wildhearts fans. Please send them to me at



PostPosted: 3rd Jun 06, 12:32
by SuperJake
Awsomeness! Woah questions...

PostPosted: 4th Jun 06, 11:08
by skychaserhigh
How's things coming with the new solo album

When can we expect it?

PostPosted: 4th Jun 06, 11:29
by Piedude
Will it have sufficient levels of cowbell?

PostPosted: 4th Jun 06, 11:56
by Ean
Piedude wrote:Will it have sufficient levels of cowbell?

Nah, the cowbell is just so passé - the guiro's where it's at now baby. :wink:

PostPosted: 4th Jun 06, 18:01
by andy_b
Ean wrote:Nah, the cowbell is just so passé - the guiro's where it's at now baby. :wink:

I favour a kazoo comback personally...

Andy B

PostPosted: 4th Jun 06, 18:23
by Piedude
He cant go wrong with a theremin at his side

PostPosted: 4th Jun 06, 22:24
by Damian
If I'm not too late my question is... given the fact that they've demoed something like 14 new Wildhearts tracks in the recent past, does he like them enough that he'd like the band to convene and at least make the album at some point? (Clearly Ginger's more than busy, but just getting the songs recorded might not take too long at the pace they usually work in the studio...)

PostPosted: 6th Jun 06, 11:15
by Piedude
Its a great interview, and theres a song that sounds like another great new demo/song at the end of the second part